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Truck Accidents & Electronic On-Board Recorders

Because commercial trucks and tractor-trailers pose such great risks to the general public, these vehicles and the drivers and companies that operate them are stringently regulated by state and federal laws. Among the many regulations designed to ensure truckers reduce risks of injuring the innocent public, one involves the use of electronic on-board recorders. Electronic… read more

New Sports Equipment May Reduce Risk of Concussions – Eventually

By: Morgan Gaynor The epidemic of concussions in contact sports is now familiar to most Americans. Medical experts have noted an epidemic of mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in teens and young adults who play football, hockey, and soccer. Professional football players face even greater risks, with repeated “microtraumas” to the head leading to grave… read more

Technology Suspected for Spike in Traffic Deaths

By: Morgan Gaynor Until recently, the trend for deaths from traffic crashes was uniformly encouraging. For a period of about forty years ending in 2014, traffic deaths declined steadily. Unfortunately, that trend reversed itself in 2015, with deaths spiking at the greatest percentage rate in 50 years. The death rate has now returned to a… read more

Expert Witnesses for the Defense: It’s Not Just Physicians Anymore

By: Morgan Gaynor Usually, physical injuries are the focus of personal injury cases. However, accident victims sometimes suffer non-physical injuries after a trauma as well. For example, a person involved in a severe car accident may sustain a traumatic brain injury, develop post-traumatic stress disorder, or become severely depressed. Though the line can be hard… read more

How to Avoid Common Halloween Accidents

Halloween can bring out the most exciting activities. From carving pumpkins and costume parties to trick or treating and haunted houses, it can be one of the most exciting nights in fall. If you and your family choose to participate in the festivities, it is important that you consider and practice safety precautions to avoid… read more

Are Sleepy Drivers as Dangerous as Drunk Drivers?

Most people know that drunk drivers create an extreme danger for other road users. But, what many fail to notice is that sleepy drivers may be just as dangerous. In fact, accorded to a news article published by ABC Action News, “Studies show a driver running on six hours of sleep or less performs at… read more

Don’t Believe Hand-Wringing About Florida Workers’ Comp Expenses

By: Morgan Gaynor A few months ago, injured workers won two legal victories in Florida workers’ compensation cases before the Florida Supreme Court. Last week, the inevitable corporate push-back opinion appeared. Mark Wilson, the President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, wrote a column in theTampa Bay Times condemning the court decisions and… read more

Why is the Number of Roadway Fatalities Increasing?

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the fatalities on United States roads increased in 2015, and now, the National Safety Council states more passengers, pedestrians, and drivers have suffered fatal injuries in just the first six months of 2016 than in previous years. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimated that nearly 19,100 individuals died… read more

Labor Day Weekend Safety: Drunk Driving Accidents

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers wishes everyone a happy Labor Day weekend! If you and your loved ones have plans to celebrate the upcoming holiday weekend, our team of personal injury lawyers would like to remind you about the importance of making safety a priority. Statistically, Labor Day weekend has been shown to be one… read more

Let’s End the Confusion About Bikes and Traffic

Part of our firm’s practices is representing people who suffer injuries as pedestrians or bicycle riders. We see a large number of preventable accidents in these cases. Unfortunately, many people make tragic mistakes because they don’t understand the rights and responsibilities of bike riders and drivers. Here are a few common misconceptions: Bicycle riders using… read more