Halloween can bring out the most exciting activities. From carving pumpkins and costume parties to trick or treating and haunted houses, it can be one of the most exciting nights in fall. If you and your family choose to participate in the festivities, it is important that you consider and practice safety precautions to avoid unnecessary and harmful accidents.

To help, we have listed a few ways you can help your family avoid some common Halloween accidents.

  • Pedestrian Accidents – Pedestrian accidents have become increasingly common on Halloween nights. This is because many children and families are out walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. To keep yourself and your children safe, stay in designated walking areas such as crosswalks, sidewalks, walking bridges, and walkways. Also be sure to carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing to make yourself more visible. Always supervise children and make sure they understand the rules of the road as pedestrians.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents – Unfortunately, drunk drivers are common on the roads on nights like Halloween. This is because many people attend costume parties and other festivities where alcohol is available. To keep your family safe from a drunk driving accident, be vigilant when on the road. If your family plans to trick-or-treat, keep an eye out for reckless or careless drivers when crossing the streets or walking on sidewalks near busy roads.
  • Burn Injuries – Burn injuries are quite common on Halloween due to the countless number of candles and jack-o-lanterns lit during that evening. Make sure to tell your children to refrain from walking near or touching hot or flaming products. If you plan to light candles in front of your own house, make sure to supervise the area at all times.

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