An article published by The Age found that out of 200 bicyclists, one in five stated they were riding in on-road cycling lanes when they were injured in accidents involving passenger vehicles. A majority of the accidents occurred when a motorist turned into the path of an oncoming bicyclist or when a bicyclist turned left into a motorist’s path.

Ben Beck from the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and one of the researchers who conducted the interviews with the bicyclists stated that 22% of the on-road collisions occurred when bicyclists were riding in the marked bicycle lanes. This statistic demonstrates that bicyclists are still at high risk for accidents and injuries when traveling in designated bicycle lanes. He states that these findings should not be used to determine that these lanes are dangerous, but instead used to raise awareness of the present dangers of bicyclists riding in on-road bicycle lanes.

While riding a bicycle in a designated bike lane is not more dangerous than riding a bike in a regular lane, designated on-road bicycle lanes should not be viewed as danger-free. Bicyclists should still be wary of potential injury in these lanes and should use them with caution and great attention to their surroundings.

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