Cycling is a common mode of transportation with many benefits, but numerous myths and stereotypes keep some people from truly enjoying. With a clear understanding of bicycling safetyfacts, cyclists can safely participate in the sport.

“It’s the most dangerous form of transportation.”

While bicycle safety is a serious concern in the United States, cycling remains a safe method of transportation. In fact, in terms of accidents and fatalities, cyclists areless likely to die in an accident than motorcyclists and pedestrians. However, driving is statistically safety than cycling, motorcycling, or walking.

“Bicycle helmets inhibit my vision and are dangerous.”

Medical experts have discovered no disadvantage to wearing a helmet. In reality, bicycle helmets can prevent a multitude of minor and serious head injuries, including concussions, lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

“People who ride bikes are reckless and inhibit traffic.”

The safe-to-reckless driver ratio for cyclists is about the same as motorists. Some cyclists make turns without checking behind them, take shortcuts, and skip red lights, but the same percentage of drivers maintain bad driving habits.

“Cyclists must stay as far to the right side of the road as possible.”

This isn’t always safe. If a cyclists rides too close to the curb, he / she is in danger of striking a parked car, running into an open car door, and other hazards. In order to ride safely, cyclists should avoid hugging the edge of the road because this encourages drivers to squeeze them out of the lane.

“It is dangerous to cycle with a backpack.”

Riding with an excessively heavy backpack is dangerous, but a reasonably-sized backpack does not impose any threat on the cyclist. To safely ride with a backpack, cyclists should evenly distribute the weight of the backpack.

“Cyclists don’t have the same rights as motorists.”

Cyclists are legally provided the same rights as drivers, including the right to compensation for a serious accident.

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