Were you injured in a car accident that was not your fault? When another person’s negligent driving causes injuries, you are left with the emotional and financial losses from that injury — but you do have options. With the help of our experienced attorneys, you can recover compensation for the expenses the collision caused.

Medical Bills

Injured drivers incur medical bills. Unpaid bill should be paid by the at-fault drivers. In addition to covering the cost of an initial hospital visit, an at-fault driver should also be required to provide funds for medication, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and any other costs related to ongoing treatment. In some cases, the expected lifetime cost of an injury will be calculated, and the plaintiff can receive that amount.

Lost Wages

Vehicle collisions often result in severe injuries that cause the victim to be incapacitated for weeks or months at a time. For people who rely on their regular wages to pay for their everyday expenses like rent and utility bills, car accident injuries can be financially devastating. Pursuing a personal injury case following a collision can result in a settlement or verdict that includes compensation for the wages you lost because of your inability to work while injured.

Funeral Costs

In cases of fatal car accidents, the victim’s family can receive compensation for any pre-death medical bills, as well as damages to cover the cost of a funeral and burial.

Pain and Suffering Compensation and Punitive Damages

In Florida, people who sustain permanent injuries should be awarded money to compensate for pain and suffering. Of course, it is impossible to put a dollar amount on the emotional impact of a car accident — the purpose of pain and suffering awards are to balance out these harms.

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