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Golf may have a reputation as a much gentler sport than other American classics like football, basketball, and hockey, but that doesn’t mean no one is ever hurt on the fairway.

Stray golf balls and unsafe golf carts and drivers can cause injuries that are just as serious as those athletes might sustain from contact sports. A survey from Golf Digest found that around 40,000 golfers are sent to the emergency room each year.

They may suffer permanent injuries including:

Aside from the initial trauma of an accident, medical bills can stretch into the future, threatening the financial stability of anyone with a catastrophic injury such as these. If you are in this situation, reach out to our attorneys to see if we can help. Many golf course accidents in Clearwater are caused by the negligence of another party. If this was the case in your situation, we can help you file a claim for damages.

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Errant Golf Balls and Club Heads vs. Assumed Risk

One of the biggest risks on a golf course is other players. Whether a member of your party makes an over-exuberant swing or a golfer playing another hole misses their target, a fast-moving club or ball can seriously hurt anyone who gets hit. However, the law presumes a golf player is aware of and consents to a certain amount of danger when they visit the links. Therefore, becoming the victim of an accident is not enough to trigger liability. The first step to a successful lawsuit in this situation is establishing the actions that led to your injury were negligent.

When Golf Course Design Is a Factor

In some rare cases, the blame may lie with the golf course owner rather than another player. Though it’s hard to prove, a poorly designed golf course may put players in danger if holes are too close or configured in a way that makes it easy for off-target shots to injure others. If you think this played a factor in your injury, a lawyer is essential in helping you investigate and analyze the course design so you can construct an argument.

Golf Cart Accidents

They may not be able to go as fast as cars, but golf carts can pick up enough speed to injure riders in a crash. The circumstances of an accident will determine who can be held liable for damages.

Negligent Driving

Golf carts may not require drivers’ licenses to operate, but they still require common sense. A driver should know how to handle a cart safely and stay within the vehicle’s capabilities to avoid accidents. Of course, driving while under the influence is also a clear case of negligence, no matter what type of vehicle you’re using.

Product Defects

If a golf cart was manufactured poorly, even the best driver may not be able to keep control of it. Broken brakes or steering, for example, could lead to an accident that no one can prevent. Our attorneys can enlist engineers and accident reconstruction specialists to prove how your injuries were caused by a manufacturing failure.

Failure to Maintain

Golf carts need tune-ups too, especially with the heavy use they may get on Florida’s many courses. If a club does not provide proper maintenance and a golf cart breaks down, causing an accident, you can likely hold its owner liable for damages.

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Injury on the golf course can be caused by a variety of mishaps or negligent behaviors. As an accident victim, you should have a skilled attorney by your side before you file a claim for damages. We can investigate the cause of your injury, seek out additional evidence to support your case, and identify sources of collectability for you. We are dedicated to helping injury victims bring successful claims—and we don’t back down, no matter what.

While we always hope for a speedy resolution to an injury claim, our team is not afraid to take the other party to trial if they refuse to pay. Your health is not a bargaining chip for an insurer, and they should not try to use it as one. If you were injured by someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation—period. Let our attorneys help you pursue justice while you focus on your recovery.

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