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Electric scooters have grown in popularity in the public’s eye, but they are also getting attention from safety groups and organizations for their possible dangers.

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Different Types of Electric Scooter Accident Claims

At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers in Clearwater, Florida, we have heard from clients and seen plenty of news stories about electric scooter accidents causes serious harm to riders, pedestrians, and others. Our firm is fully equipped to investigate your electric scooter accident and pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Drivers hitting riders of electric scooters

Many electric scooter accidents occur when a motorist fails to see a rider in the street or crossing a crosswalk. Due to the relative newness of electric scooters, most drivers are still not accustomed to seeing them in or by the side of the road. As a result, they may be “invisible” to distracted drivers.

Pedestrians hit by riders of electric scooters

Pedestrian accidents are also not uncommon among electric scooter accident claims. People who use electric scooters, especially those renting through a ridesharing company like Bird or Lime, often have little to no training about how to safely ride the scooter. This puts themselves in danger, but also creates a hazard for any and all nearby pedestrians, who could be hit by an electric scooter rider while walking down the sidewalk or exiting a building.

Riders Injured by Electric scooter defects

There is also a growing concern over the general safety designs of electric scooters, and how they are maintained or not. Ridesharing scooters are used by any number of people during a typical day. There is no telling what sort of damage a scooter can experience in that time. Since they are never returned to a company hub or repair center, people may unknowingly rent a defective or broken electric scooter, unfairly putting themselves at an increased chance of a crash.

Depend On Our Experience & Insight for Your Claim

With our decades of total legal experience, you can trust in Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers and our Clearwater electric scooter accident attorneys to be able to pinpoint liability in your electric scooter accident.

By determining what party is ultimately responsible for your injuries, we can hold them accountable and demand a fair compensation amount through a claim. We will not rest until you get ample coverage for your damages, such as medical bills and lost wages.

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