Take a look at some of our recent noteworthy car accident settlement stories:

  • $850,000: We represented a married couple in Pasco County, who were rear-ended by a negligent driver. Spinal cord surgery was required to help alleviate some of the worst of our clients’ injuries.
  • $836,000: We represented another married couple in Pasco County who were also rear-ended by a distracted driver. Our clients were stopped at a red light in Tampa when they were suddenly struck from behind, resulting in severe spinal cord injury. The defense tried to claim their driver had hit them only at a low speed and that the spinal injuries were preexisting. With the threat of litigation looming, the defense ultimately settled.
  • $820,000: A woman in St. Petersburg was rear-ended by another driver at a relatively low speed. However, low speed does not mean minimal injuries. She was diagnosed with a spine injury that required surgery to alleviate.
  • $520,000: A couple was sideswiped at highway speeds, causing extreme damage to their vehicle and severe injury to the couple. The driver tried to run away but was caught and arrested by the police, who charged them with a DUI. Our clients needed neck and back surgery, respectively, for their injuries. After sharing the reports from their surgeries, our Clearwater car accident attorneys were able to convince the policy adjuster to settle for a large amount.
  • $425,000: Our attorneys were called upon to represent a client who was run right off the US-19 by a commercial truck. The truck’s trailer came unhinged, slammed into our client’s vehicle, and tossed them off the road in a violent crash. Our client suffered a closed head injury as a result. We took the case to litigation, where the defense was putting up a fight despite the obvious liability. It ultimately closed with a successful settlement.

How are Settlement Amounts Calculated?

What goes into the calculation of a settlement in a car accident? There are a few key factors that need to be considered, including vehicular damage, injuries and related medical costs, and wages lost due to your inability to work while trying to recuperate. Noneconomic damages can be awarded for your pain and suffering. Courts tend to calculate non-economic damages by multiplying the economic damages — or real damages that can be tracked with receipts, bills, lost expenses, etc. — by a number, which escalates based on the severity of the accident. The liable party’s policy limit should also be considered when pursuing a settlement.

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