Knowing just how much you are likely to receive from a Florida truck accident settlement is crucial to making an informed decision about whether to settle your case or press ahead toward a trial. But hearing that you may have suffered “catastrophic” or “devastating” injuries and losses does little to answer this important question.

The Many Factors that Go into a Settlement

While a general idea of settlement figures in truck accident cases is available, any settlement you obtain in your truck accident case may be more or less than these average figures. 

Numerous factors go into whether a truck crash case will settle and for how much, including the following:

Availability and Strength of Evidence Showing Fault

One of the central issues in any Florida trucking accident case is whether the truck driver was at fault for the crash. When there is evidence that answers that question in the affirmative, it is more likely that you will be able to reach a favorable settlement.

Documentation Supporting Your Injuries and Losses

When your physical injuries, lost wages, and emotional harm are well-documented with solid evidence, your case is more likely to settle for an appropriate amount. It is difficult to argue the extent of your harm when you have medical bills, wage statements, and other supporting evidence available. 

Conversely, where your injuries and losses are speculative, securing a higher settlement amount can be harder. This makes it hard to estimate your losses and damages.

Willingness to Settle

The other party must be willing to settle your dispute in order for you to have the best opportunity at a sufficient settlement award. When the other party wishes to avoid a trial, they are generally more willing to pay higher compensation than those not intimidated by the expenses and publicity associated with a trial.

Examples of Truck Accident Settlements

A jury in Nassau County returned a $1 billion verdict in a truck accident case involving the death of an 18-year-old. The verdict included $100 million in compensatory damages and $900 million in punitive damages. It would be an extreme and outlying case where a trucking company or its insurer would agree to a billion-dollar settlement.

Thus, when you’re considering the size of the average truck accident settlement in Florida, one can say with confidence that most settlements will fall somewhere between tens of thousands of dollars and several millions of dollars, depending on the unique facts of each case.

Maximizing a Settlement Offer

You can do certain things that could increase the size of your settlement offer, including:

  • Keep all medical records and bills in a secure place
  • Attend all medical appointments, and be honest with your doctor 
  • Do not stop taking prescribed medication 
  • Follow through with all recommended treatment

The evidence you gather can help demonstrate the severity of your losses and persuade the other party to settle for a fair amount. It will also protect you from allegations that you failed to mitigate your damages.

Consult a Trucking Accident Lawyer

The possible settlement values in your case may vary widely, but a skilled trucking accident lawyer can recommend ways to make the settlement offer you receive stronger and larger. 

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