How to Write a Settlement Demand Letter in Florida

If you were injured in an accident in Florida, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills and other losses. You can pursue compensation by filing a claim with an insurance company in most instances. The specific insurance company you work with will depend on the nature of your accident. For instance,… read more

Should You Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk in Tampa, FL?

On the surface, a bicycle may not seem complicated, but it holds an interesting legal status as a vehicle propelled by human power. This means a bicyclist is subject to both vehicular and pedestrian laws.  State and local laws also vary when it comes to bicycles. First, cyclists should be aware of the laws so… read more

Consequences of Using Your Cell Phone While Driving in Florida

States continue to grapple with regulating cell phone use while driving, which means that related laws are frequently subject to changes and updates.  Currently, Florida laws on cell phone use while driving are more lenient than those of many other states. In Florida, texting while driving is illegal, but talking on the phone hands-free while… read more

Are Lottery Winners in Florida Required to Reveal Their Identities?

Florida’s lottery regulations require all lottery winners to reveal their name and city of residence. The Florida Lottery can also reveal the game, date, and amount you won to any party, including media outlets. But this does not mean you need to reveal your name and city of residence. Florida allows entities to claim lottery… read more

10 Worst Celebrity Car Accidents

The aftermath of a celebrity death or injury brings about an odd phenomenon. Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people mourn these events despite not knowing the victim personally. Why? As odd as it may seem, mourning the death of a celebrity is normal and even natural. According to psychologists, celebrities (like actors, athletes, and… read more

Delayed Concussion Symptoms

As the phrase suggests, delayed concussion symptoms appear a few days or weeks after a concussion. These symptoms often affect higher brain functions, including cognition, memory, and emotions. Delayed concussion symptoms can signify a permanent brain injury. It may also suggest that you have other brain injuries in addition to your concussion. Here is some… read more

Florida Car Inspection Laws

Once upon a time, if you drove a car in the state of Florida, you were required to have a regular vehicle safety inspection. During this time, you’d need to have your car tested for emissions and smog. Failing to meet the safety inspections can contribute to a car accident. Florida no longer requires safety… read more

What Are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash?

Polls show that most Americans drive frequently. In fact, around 83% of adults report that they get behind the wheel several times a week.  If you fall into this category, you likely drive for convenience. Driving yourself is often much easier and less time-consuming than using public transportation.  While driving is a convenient and fun… read more

4 Types of Brain Injuries and 3 Levels of Severity

The brain sends and receives nerve signals to your body. It provides cognition, memory, and emotion. But your brain can prove surprisingly susceptible to injuries in an accident. Even minor trauma can damage or kill brain cells. There are four common types of brain injuries and three levels of severity. Doctors classify brain injuries based… read more

Allstate — Worst Insurance Company for Consumers

In 2020, the Florida Department of Highway Safety reported more than 14,000 car accidents in Pinella County. Clearly, Clearwater and the surrounding areas are dangerous places to drive automobiles. Allstate is a well-known auto insurance company in Florida and throughout the nation. They offer home and auto insurance packages, holding over 113 million policies. Allstate… read more