Imagine having to deal with the long-term physical and emotional impact of a serious injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Think of the difficulties that are often present in the aftermath of a car accident; these matters are amplified when already dealing with countless hardships.

For anyone who sustains injuries as a result of a negligence-related car accident, there are many matters to contend with and it becomes increasingly complex when dealing with both physical and emotional damage—let alone the financial concerns that arise after being hurt.

Knowing what these damages are and ways to move forward after being involved in a car accident is of the utmost importance. This means knowing what physical injuries may result from car accidents, how it can impact an injured person on an emotional level, and ways to seek compensation and justice against the negligent party.

The Physical Injuries That May Be Sustained In a Car Accident

Car accidents are often associated with large impacts due to the size of the vehicles and the speed at which they travel. As a result, those passengers and drivers who are victims of negligence often suffer significant and catastrophic injuries as a result of the impact.

There are a number of different types of injuries that can occur, and it’s important to understand how they occur and what may be needed to heal and move forward. Here are some of the most common physical injuries that are sustained in car accidents.

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Car accidents often mean the individuals inside the vehicle experience a jolt and their heads can be greatly impacted. This means the brain can come in contact with the skull or there may be contact between the individual’s head and the frame of the vehicle. When these injuries are significant, it may require long-term care and medical treatment to help with developmental and cognitive issues.
  • Spinal cord injuries: In many accidents, the potential for whiplash is high, and this can result in serious spinal cord damage. For instance, the individual may suffer nerve or disc damage, problems with their neck, or in the worst-case scenario, complete paralysis. This requires long-term care and medical support.
  • Broken bones: Because the frame of the vehicle can collapse, despite being designed to protect you, the impact it creates could result in passengers sustaining broken bones. This could also include broken arms from airbag deployment, a broken nose or orbital bone from front-facing impact, and more.
  • Amputations: When someone sustains a significant injury as a result of a car crash, the injury can be so bad that it may require medical professionals to perform amputation to prevent further problems, infections, and more. Amputations mean the individual will have a limb removed, resulting in changes required by the injured party in order to live life comfortably.

After sustaining a physical injury, the accident survivor may experience many financial hardships that require them to properly pursue legal action. For instance, they may deal with the medical expenses stemming from the damages, as well as rehabilitation costs and lifelong medical care.

They may also be unable to work following an injury, which means they may need to pursue financial compensation for the lost income that they are experiencing—both past, present, and future.

Emotional Damages

They are not always thought of or discussed following a car accident, but there are plenty of emotional damages that can be suffered as a result of negligence. For instance, when someone sustains a significant injury in a car crash, they may relive the moment over and over again.

They may experience some common triggers that remind them of the accident such as the sound of tires screeching, horns honking, or loud bangs that could mimic the impact of a crash. When these triggers hit, they may cause the party with emotional damage to experience anxiety, fear, and more.

Emotional trauma is a real problem that not many people recognize. However, it is something that is considered when determining non-economic damages in a lawsuit which potentially awards an injured individual financial compensation for pain and suffering.

What You Need to Do to Move Forward

If you or someone you love has sustained significant and catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligent actions, there are legal rights that allow you to take action and seek justice. You deserve the right to be compensated for the damages associated with the injuries you sustain.

This is why it’s so important to hire a Clearwater car accident attorney who knows how to navigate the often complex legal matters that lie ahead. You should have someone who can stand by your side every step of the way, dedicated to protecting your rights and pursuing the negligent party for the compensation you need.

At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, we have more than 50 years of legal experience dedicated to helping those who have sustained injuries as a result of negligence. Since our inception in 1996, we have helped countless individuals and recovered more than $65 million in settlements and verdicts.

We recognize how serious and difficult of a time this can be for you and we’re committed to protecting your rights every step of the way. We are Board Certified by the Florida Bar and we have exhibited the tenacity, knowledge, and exceptional legal counsel needed for injured individuals to move forward and get justice.

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