Were you injured at Sims Park in New Port Richey? Call Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers to get help with recovering personal injury compensation. Sims Park is a popular spot for recreation in New Port Richey, Florida. While the local park offers ample opportunity for fun, there’s always a risk of experiencing an injury on the park grounds. If you’re injured at Sims Park, a New Port Richey personal injury attorney might be able to help you recover personal injury compensation.

Recovering compensation for an injury at Sims Park is possible. However, it’s essential to know what to do to protect yourself after an injury. You only have a short period of time to recover compensation for an injury on public land in Florida, so you need to call a lawyer right away.

Common Injuries at Sims Park In New Port Richey 

New Port Richey offers a plethora of ways to have fun outside. Unfortunately, for each recreational activity, you risk suffering one or more corresponding injuries. 

Some of the most likely types of injuries visitors could experience at Sims Park include: 

Sims Park offers a playground and splash pad, a boat dock, a canoe/kayak launch, paved walking trails, five pavilions, and public restrooms. When an injury at Sims Park occurs because some element of the grounds were unsafe, a personal injury lawyer can help you explore your options for recovering compensation.

What To Do After an Injury at Sims Park

If you need to recover compensation for an injury at Sims Park, you must know the steps to take to protect yourself. Documenting the evidence, getting medical treatment, and calling a lawyer immediately are the three most important steps you can take. 

Document The Scene

You need to document the cause of your Sims Park injury, whether another park visitor or unsafe equipment caused it. Documentation helps prove how the injury occurred, which, in turn, helps your lawyer identify who should be responsible for your injury costs. 

Take photographs of the cause of the accident, like broken playground equipment or a broken railing at the boat dock

Get Medical Treatment

You should see a doctor immediately after you’re injured. Medical documentation helps establish that your injuries were caused by the Sims Park accident. It’s also important to follow all medical instructions carefully. Ignoring a doctor’s orders or skipping follow-up appointments can hurt your chances of recovering compensation.

Call a Lawyer Immediately

Sims Park is a public park, which means you’ll need to recover injury compensation through a claim against the government. This type of case is even more complicated than a regular personal injury claim, and timeframes are often much shorter. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is extremely important if you hope to recover compensation.

Getting Help With Your Sims Park Injury Claim

Government entities typically have sovereign immunity, which means you can’t sue without their consent. Fortunately, Florida waives its right to immunity in the Florida statutes. This means you’re allowed to file a claim against the government to seek injury compensation.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to recover compensation for a Sims Park injury. The process of filing a claim against the government is a complicated one that requires informing multiple governmental agencies.

The slightest mistake can cause you to lose your chance at recovering compensation. The best way to protect your finances after an injury at Sims Park is to contact an experienced New Port Richey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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