Electric scooter accidents are known to be dangerous, but after a mysterious death in Dallas during the early morning hours of September 1st, 2018, they might also be potentially fatal. According to police reports, a young man, Jacoby Stoneking, passed away after he told his friend he had been in an electric scooter accident. However, while talking with his friend on the phone, he only said he had hurt his foot in the crash.

Upon receiving the concerning news, the friend, Kenneth Moore, called a Lyft driver to pick his friend up and bring him home. A few minutes later, the Lyft driver arrived where Stoneking said he would be waiting. He found him completely unresponsive but only a few scratches and bruises could be discerned. The Lime Scooter he had apparently rented was broken into pieces nearby, suggesting a serious accident had occurred. Stoneking was hurried to a nearby medical center, where he passed away from his injuries a few hours later without ever awakening to explain what happened.

Had Stoneking been struck by a negligent driver in a fatal pedestrian accident, involving an electric scooter? If so, why had he not made any mention of the incident to Moore? Had the electric scooter experienced a defect that caused him to lose control and crash? It is also puzzling to investigators as to why he would not say so.

At this time, authorities believe he was involved in an electric scooter accident that did not involve another party. It is suspected he may have struck his head harshly in the accident and suffered an internal brain injury. Moore did comment that Stoneking had suffered head injuries in the past as a skateboarder, and each subsequent brain injury is more dangerous than the last. Electric scooters are also capable of speeding at about 15 to 20 miles per hour on their own volition. A crash at that speed — or a higher speed if he was going downhill — could feasibly cause a fatal brain injury.

(For more information about this ongoing story, you can click here to read a full article fromTheWashington Post.)

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