When someone sustains a significant and traumatic brain injury, there are often long-term effects that they may experience. These effects can impact the individual’s development, cognitive abilities, behavior, and more.

Because of the long-term impact a brain injury can have, it’s important for individuals to seek compensation when the damages are caused by negligence. This is an important step in helping to ease the financial and emotional hardships often associated with a traumatic brain injury.

Behavioral Issues

Brain injuries can lead to an individual experiencing significant issues with behavior including mood changes, constant signs of depression, and more. These mood changes are very sudden and can result in the individual lashing out at others.

This can often be due to the developmental issues that the individual experiences, causing them to get upset about their inability to do certain things and the changes they’ve experienced.

Memory and Cognitive Ability Loss

Victims of brain injuries may sustain memory loss and difficulties with cognitive abilities. These can be very impactful for the individual as they try to relearn some of the important abilities they may have lost as a result of the brain injury. It may require extensive physical and emotional therapy.

Physical Pain

A brain injury can be tremendously painful when it first occurs, but the pain is not something that goes away as it can lead to constant headaches and other potential physical issues. Over time, there can be need for further medical attention to help alleviate some of the pain experienced.

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